How do I contact Psychology Solutions Calgary to book a therapy appointment or ask a question? Complete the form found here

How do I book an appointment with Meghan MacKenzie?

Call Meghan MacKenzie at 587-585-3034

Email at meghan@psychologysolutionscalgary.com 

How do I book an appointment with Nicola Mooney?

Email at nicola@psychologysolutionscalgary.com

How do I book an appointment with Tara Tripp?

Email: tara@psychologysolutionscalgary.com

How do I book an appointment with Mariko McInnis?

Email: mariko@psychologysolutionscalgary.com

Where are the psychologists located?  While our psychologists reside in Calgary, we provide therapy virtually throughout all of Alberta. 

How much does each session cost? 

The fee is $200/per a 50minute session. For more see FEES

How do I participate in therapy virtually?

Our therapists use Owl Practice as a platform for video therapy sessions. All you need is a phone and a great wifi connection to engage. Your therapist will email instructions for the video session ahead of time. Owl Practice also allows you to review your appointment times, receipts and send secure messaging to your therapist.

Is there a client guide to accessing Video therapy through Owl Practice?

Yes there is! Please click here

What can I expect when I engage in a therapy session?

At your first session confidentiality is reviewed, your history and goals are gathered. Following which we address any questions you have, and explore how we plan to address your concerns.

At subsequent sessions we may continue what we set out to do at the first session, or if another concern arises we change course as needed. The focus is on helping you achieve your goals.

How long is a therapy session? How often do I attend?

Typically each session is 50 minutes in length. Many people attend therapy approximately once every two weeks. However this may be increased to weekly or spread out to once a month depending on your preference, goals and therapist availability.

What if I have a concern with my therapy progress? 

Therapy is a process and it is important for our therapists that you find this experience helpful. We encourage you to discuss your progress or concerns with you therapist. Regular feedback to your therapist is helpful in ensuring we assist with your goals or find a solution that better suits you.